Varga’s silver medal

The sixth annual Triathlon „Attack“ took place on Saturday 08/08/2020 and of course, the Slovak triathlete Richard Varga could not miss it. He overcame a challenging portion of kilometers and elevation change in mountain terrain – Chopok /elevation is 2000 m./ was the highest summit on the trail. This year’s event was even more extreme than the previous ones. The dam has been drained, which resulted in lengthening the cyclist track to 139km and raising the elevation change by 200m.

Richard was in the lead since the beginning. He exceled in the swimming portion of the competition, gaining a 5-minute competitive edge. The cycling portion did not sway his position; however, a faster competitor overtook him during the running part, which has then decided the final results. Richard demonstrated and excellent performance and finished the triathlon in 8 hours, 18 minutes, and 6 seconds, which secured him the second place.

MAIND has been Richard’s sponsor since 2012 and we are very proud of every single one of his achievements. Richard has proven time and time again, that endurance and strong will are the road to success. He remains a huge inspiration for us at MAIND and we are sure, that we can look forward to Richard’s even greater achievements in the future.

We congratulate Richard and wish him luck in future events.