Guaranteed electronic archive

We bring you a solution for making sure that the content of an electronic document (e.g., contract, purchase order, acceptance protocol) has not been changed. The right solution is Team Assistant and its guaranteed electronic archive.

The electronic archive allows you to manage documents which include an electronic signature or a seal. Team assistant can label documents with a time stamp. You can then easily check the integrity of the content and verify the validity or invalidity of the signature.

The main benefit is that the guaranteed electronic archive in combination with process management strengthens the credibility and integrity of the document in accordance with the law.

Examples of guaranteed electronic archive usage:

  • Archiving invoices, tax invoices, contracts, and other documents
  • Signing documents with an electronic signature
  • Verifying the integrity of a document and ensuring credibility
  • Disposing of documents (in accordance with GDPR)
  • Audit records of document handling

In case you are interested in the guaranteed electronic archive, do not hesitate to contact us.