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Building DWH/ODS



A Data Warehouse enables to collect, extract, clean, transform, consolidate, and unify data from various information systems. It also retains all historical data, unlike operational systems. A high-quality Data Warehouse contains the only truthful information about your business and serves as a base for reporting and other BI services on all levels of management in your company.


The ODS system allows us to speed up your operational processes by unifying the data base for critical applications. We typically mean the customer and product base and the ability of ODS to provide high-quality information for operational business processes in real – or almost real – time.

Support of analytical request for applications which demand quick decision-making is also a part of the ODS solution.


Data is everywhere around us and is constantly being generated. We will help you analyse and retain your data, as well as help you create an architecture custom tailored for your business.

Big data have certain specific characteristics:

  • Volume – the data are too big to be processed by traditional applications
  • Variety – the data comes from various sources and has various structure
  • Speed – the data are being generated constantly with increasing speed
  • Variability – the volume of data changes in time
  • Complexity – the data sources vary, which makes data management more complicated


Due to the increasing volume of data, it is necessary for us to unify and transform information to make it easier to understand. Therefore, we try to find a unique system appropriate for each customer and transfer their data from original systems into a new environment. 

The benefits of data integration and consolidation:

  • Shorter implementation time
  • Strict monitoring of project costs, meeting the project deadlines and limiting project risks
  • Ensuring quality, correct profile and structure of the data
  • Removing data inconsistency across all systems
  • Full solution documentation

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